Cocktails, Dinner and Dance Music with Lighting and Basic Announcements
6 Hours – $1097

We always ensure to understand the tone you want for your celebration by coordinating a Must Play, Play if Possible, and Do NOT Play lists. Making sure that your event is fun with a dance floor experience for all your guests.


  • 2hrs Additional Hours – $297
  • Emcee services – $167 includes dinner games
  • Photo Booth – $597
  • Extra lighting or sound requirements – Quoted based on need
  • Name That Beat Bingo or Guest Speakers – Quoted on request

If you’re looking to add excitement, laughter, and a touch of friendly competition to your event while showcasing your musical expertise, Subsonic Soulmates, in collaboration with NAME THAT BEAT BINGO, presents an extraordinary and engaging gaming opportunity.

This unique experience seamlessly blends the elements of “Name That Tune” and “Musical Bingo.” For additional details and to make a booking, please visit the website!

Get Immersed In Musical Fun!

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