Michele Hargreaves

Owner of Subsonic Soulmates/Name that Beat Bingo
Creative Talent

Music has been a constant undercurrent in Michele’s life. Raised in a family that cherished music more than television, she was fortunate to be exposed to a rich tapestry of sounds from classic rock to folk. Her formative years resonated with the melodies of her parents’ music. But then, at the age of 14, she moved to the city, opening the doors to a world of music that was uniquely her own. Radio stations galore, music festivals during the grunge punk era, and the world of Raves introduced her to a symphony of new experiences. Her love affair with music deepened, and the first rave she attended left an undeniable mark. It was a world unlike any other – a vibrant mosaic of people, sounds, and an electrifying energy that coursed through her as she danced into the night. Michele was hooked.

As she grew, her love for all genres of music grew with her. She became a globetrotter, chasing the beats around the world, from Lorne, Australia, to Tomorrowland in Belgium, from Coachella in California to Shambalah in her own backyard in British Columbia. With each music adventure, her love for the art form deepened, and her heart swayed to the rhythms of House and Dubstep.

Joel Hargreaves

Owner of Subsonic Soulmates/Name that Beat Bingo
Event DJ

Joel’s love for music and dancing began early. His first party experience was at Plastic Puppet Motive in May of 1999, and it marked the beginning of a lifelong passion for music. Trance music, in all its forms, had a special place in his heart. He immersed himself in the world of vinyl, purchasing countless records and learning the art of DJing on Tech 1200 turntables. Trance held a permanent spot in his musical soul, but then, the allure of breakbeats captivated him. He decided to blend the two, seamlessly mixing trance and breaks. The more festivals and parties he attended, the deeper his affection for the breakbeat side of music and the dance culture that accompanied it grew.

Joel’s journey included hosting their own club night every Saturday at the Dubliner (now the Unicorn Pub), forging connections within the music community, and even earning the opportunity to play at the iconic Palace Night Club.

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